Hi everyone, Zipform Online added a 2nd tier ofsecurity by adding the token code to access. Please click on the link below to access Zipform and see new password:https://www.zipformonline.com/index.asp

Username:  loansrealty 

Password:  reaLTY1214$   

Once you have logged in, you will be receiving a prompt that needs an authentication code.  Please kindly call or text Diane Reid, our Office Assistant, for her to give you the code.  Her phone number is (925) 434-7004.  However, within the next few days, you will have access to “Create Offer” from our Agent Login in our www.loansrealtygroup.com website or downloading our mobile app from the Google Play Store and Apple Store.  We are just waiting on approval from both before we can launch our mobile app. 

Our new department called Transaction Sales Team will create the offer for you and will email you the finished offer for you to review and approve prior to them emailing to your Buyers for esignatures.  You can also call or email our Transaction Sales Coordinator per below:

Ron Johnson

Email: ron@loansrealtygroup.com

Phone number: (925) 434-7004

Ed Aldrich

Email: ed@loansrealtygroup.com

Contact # 925-434-7004

Best to email both at the same time to be sure one of them answers you at tst@loansrealtygroup.com.

Right now you can access Create Offer without logging into the Agent Login site or mobile app by clicking on the link below:https://www.loansrealtygroup.com/mobile-create-offers/

In the future, we will have the following in our Agent Login and mobile app for the sales side without accessing Zipform Online:


                Register New Buyers

                Existing Buyers

                a.  Create Offer

                b.  Create Buyer’s Counter Offer

                c.  Create Addendum

                d.  Create Request for Repairs

                e.  Remove Contingency Removal

                f.   Request Cancellation of Contract

                d.  Request for Inspection

                e.  Request Extension of Time Addendum

                f.   Buyer’s Special Request


                Register New Sellers

                Existing Sellers

                a.  Create New Listing

                b.  Create Seller’s Counter Offer

                c.  Create Addendum

                d.  Create Response to Request for Repairs

                e.  Create Notice of Buyer to Perform

                f.   Remove Seller’s Contingency Removal (ie finding replacement property)

                g.  Request Extension of Time Addendum (ie extend COE)

                h.  Seller’s Special Request

We are committed to giving you outstanding service from both the sales and loan side. 

Thank you for your patience as we are soon ready to launch our Agent Login (portal) and mobile app.  We got delayed this past week due to internet interruptions.

Happy Holidays to you and your family!