FHA Streamline Refinance Program

FHA Streamline Refinance Program is a special refinance program designed for homeowners in California with a Federal Housing Administration (FHA) Loan. This program gives the FHA Borrowers the opportunity to lower their interest rates and monthly payments.

How can you qualify for a Refinancing Program?

  • The mortgage must be FHA insured
  • Mortgage payments must be current
  • Your new loan must lower your monthly principal and interest payments, or be converting from an adjustable rate (ARM) to a fixed-rate
  • The home must be your primary residence
  • Your current loan must be at least seven months old

Key Benefits of FHA Streamline Refinance:

  • An appraisal is no longer needed
  • Less documentation
  • Minimum credit scores are no longer required
  • Skip one mortgage payment
  • Lender fees reduced

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